What’s happening at BrightFuture Foundation?


Our good friend and freight industry champion, Fred Schlottmann, has been busy over the last few months, with BrightFuture Foundation’s new base in Cuba, as well as their established school in the Philippines. He sent us an update, which we’re delighted to share.

CUBA, Escuela Anita, in Coralillo:

Three classes continue daily, offering beginner, intermediate and advanced English courses. If I can solve the issue of additional classroom space during my visit there early 2017, we will attempt to find one more teacher, to meet demand which continues unabated.

PHILIPPINES, MFBP in Bislig, Mindanao:

The recent bombing in Davao, which is the city I travel through to get to Bislig, killed and injured dozens of people and was claimed by Abu Sayef, who earlier this year swore allegiance to ISIS. This caused me to consider abandoning my upcoming visit there. However…

We’ve been offered free extension services by the University of the Southern Philippines Education department, who recently sent a delegation to our school. I have an appointment in Davao with Dr Cabanlit and her staff to finalize an agreement covering continuing education courses for our teachers and assistance with our curriculum; it’s an opportunity I cannot pass up.

In addition, I shall be attending our annual induction ceremony, and reviewing the changes we are currently making to our building to comply with new and stricter fire codes, including the construction of additional exits and the building of another staircase.

Besides, for personal reasons I was unable to make my regular March visit this year, so it is high time for me to be there again.

None of the important work being done by BrightFuture Foundation in the Philippines and in Cuba would be possible without the support the charity receives from friends within the freight industry.  CCL continues to be proud to support Fred and BrightFuture’s activities. If you want to find out more, and particularly if you feel moved to donate to support the charity’s aims and objectives, check out their website here: http://www.brightfuture.org


EU Referendum Outcome

Notice to all CCL clients and associates

We write in regard to the news which broke overnight, that the Referendum on the UK’s membership of the European Union, which took place on Thursday 23rd June, has resulted in a vote to leave the EU.

Our understanding of the official procedure from this point is as follows:

  • The UK Prime Minister, David Cameron has advised he will stand down, but not immediately. His stated intention is to depart by October 2016.
  • Laws will now need to be passed, to allow the UK to leave the EU.
  • To begin the exit process, the UK must inform the European Council, to trigger what is known as ‘Article 50’.
  • Whilst the EU leadership has stated they wish Britain to activate Article 50 exit talks ‘as soon as possible’, David Cameron has advised he will not trigger Article 50, leaving this to the incoming Prime Minister.
  • Article 50, once triggered, allows for a period of two years, during which the UK would expect to negotiate its terms of exit with the remaining 27 members of the EU.
  • During the Article 50 period, the UK will still abide by EU laws and participate in business in exactly the same way as it does currently.
  • Once there’s an agreement, it must be put to the House of Commons, and new Acts of Parliament will implement the withdrawal agreement. EU regulations in the UK will, during this process, be repealed, reintroduced or amended and new trading relationships and facilities will be introduced.

We would like to emphasise that this is a complex formal process, expected to take the full two years of Article 50 to enact. Furthermore, Article 50 may not be enacted for some time, as it is likely to be preceded by a period of informal discussion. During this period prior to the UK’s exit from the EU – a minimum of two years – everything will continue as it is currently. All current arrangements, laws, treaties and regulations remain in place.

It is worth mentioning, as we embark on this new phase, that outside the EU, there are multiple precedents for free trade agreements which enable trading with the EU in ways that are as flexible as those afforded by full membership. The European Free Trade Association, comprising Norway, Iceland, Switzerland and Liechtenstein is one such agreement, and there are several similar mechanisms with countries both within Europe and beyond. Being a substantial market, it is inconceivable that such arrangements would not be made with the UK, going forward.

There has been much negative speculation in the world press in the last few hours and in our opinion, it is largely unjustified. It stems from the fact that the process of exiting the EU has not been enacted by any nation before. It is our view that despite the rhetoric apparent in the immediate aftermath of the Referendum declaration, all parties are likely to want to see a transition which allows for a continuation of mutually beneficial trade agreements between all nations and regions.

CCL will continue to keep you apprised of the progress of exit negotiations and any implications, as applicable.  If you have any concerns as to the impact of today’s decision on your business, or on the way we work together to deliver our services to you, please do not hesitate – call and discuss it with us.  We will share our knowledge and understanding openly and work closely with you through the coming months.

You can reach the team at CCL on +44 (0)20 8231 0900 or via the CCL website: www.ccllhr.com

DDP: Simply Explained – Bitesize

Following on from our post last week, in which we featured the first of our ‘Bitesize’ series, explaining some of the technical terms within the customs business, we’re here again with our second mini ‘Bitesize’ video.

Last week we explained DDU/DAP, and this week we’re covering DDP.  Do you want to know what DDP is, and where it’s used? Then click on the video below.

Keeping it Simple: DAP/DDU Explained

We all know the import business can be complex, with Customs clearance, import duties, VAT, documentation and form-filling aplenty. There are so many acronyms and technical terms. Misunderstanding these terms can result in costly errors and delays, as well as unexpected charges.

That’s why we’re creating our ‘Bitesize’ series of one minute videos – to explain some of those tricky terms in layman’s language.  Our ‘Bitesize’ explainers will help you understand what’s what, when you place an order with an overseas supplier, to be despatched to a destination in the UK or Eurozone.

We’re starting with DAP/DDU.  Do you know what that is?  Do you know why it’s important to know what DAP/DDU is, if you’re buying from overseas?

Click on our Bitesize video for the answers!

Whilst you’re in the video mood, why not check out the other shorts on CCL’s YouTube channel, here.


WWPC: Totally Terrific in Tenerife


The CCL PRIME team is on the road again! This week, we’re in the sunny Canary Islands, in Tenerife, for the 29th WWPC World Convention.

The event kicked off in typical WWPC style with a terrific welcome party, and this morning, we’re already hard at work, making connections, renewing old friendships and generally networking our summer socks off.

You can follow the event in pictures on our Twitter feed @CCLPRIMEUK where we’ll be posting regularly. Here are a few early snapshots to whet your appetite.






Britain and Columbia: Celebrating Trade Links



Never let it be said that CCL and CCL PRIME don’t aim right for the top!  Here we are, at the Houses of Parliament no less, at last week’s reception to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the BCCC – the British and Columbian Chamber of Commerce.


Rudee, Jason, Zulma and Charlotte formed the CCL/PRIME contingent, sharing the evening with no less esteemed guests than Juan Manuel Santos, President of Columbia, and former British Prime Minister, Sir John Major.



The British and Colombian Chamber of Commerce is an independent, not-for-profit business organisation that aims to build closer ties between the business communities of Colombia and the United Kingdom, by promoting investment relations and bilateral trade between these two nations.

Since its foundation in 1996, the chamber’s membership base has grown steadily, based on its remit to offer useful services and organise innovative trade and networking events. Today the BCCC is diverse in the sectors it represents, which include oil and gas, financial services, manufacturing, agriculture, legal services, tourism, business and security consultancy.

Gearing up for Johannesburg


IMG_0651 copy

The CCL PRIME Team is on the road again!

We’ll be at WFN’s upcoming member meeting in Johannesburg, from 24th – 26th April, followed by the SFN meeting from 27th to 29th April – and we’re looking forward to meeting you.

We’d be delighted to connect with you for a one-to-one meeting, which you can book in the usual way on the WFN and SFN portals. Or we can simply catch up over a coffee.

Want to get in touch before the meeting? Don’t hesitate – email jason@cclprime.com or charlotte@cclprime.com and we’ll get right back to you.

See you in Johannesburg!

And onward to WCA Abu Dhabi

Screenshot 2016-04-01 10.28.50WCA’s 8th Worldwide Conference from 12th to 16th March fell hot-on-the-heels of WPA Bangkok and meant that no sooner were the CCL Prime team acclimatised to the Far East, but we were back on a plane – to Abu Dhabi, UAE and a stint at National Exhibitions Company.

When they say that WCA is the world’s largest freight forwarding event, they’re not joking. WCA Abu Dhabi operated around the tried-and-tested format of one-to-one meetings and plenty of informal time at coffee breaks and social events – but this gathering was not in the hundreds, it was in the thousands; a full 3,000 people in fact.

With a proliferation of booths clearly identifying individual companies, it isn’t as tricky as you might imagine, to find the people you want to speak to.  But it’s still essential to ‘do your homework’.  Preparation and planning is so important when you want to make the most of a sizeable networking event.

As they never fail to do, the WCA team organised a superb event and a series of excellent social activities. Zulma and Jason joined a tour to view the Grand Mosque and we also had the opportunity to visit the fabulous Emirates Palace.

The combination of business and social is a winning one, and we were delighted with the chance to meet so many colleagues, friends and associates – old and new. Here are a few snapshots from the event.  Check out our Twitter feed @CCLPRIMEUK for more.

Screenshot 2016-04-01 10.28.33

Here we are! Jason, Zulma and Gavin – ready for the off.


It's all about connections - here with Vikram Mehra from New Delhi

It’s all about connections – here with Vikram Mehra from New Delhi


... and with Connie from Shenzhen

… and with Connie from Shenzhen


... and Rosie from Vietnam

… and Rosie from Vietnam


... and two potential new business partners from China

… and two potential new business partners from China


So many people to meet... and so little time...

So many people to meet… and so little time…


... But we couldn't miss the social events, could we?

… But we couldn’t miss the social events, could we?


It just wouldn't be right - to come all this way and not join the party.

I mean, it just wouldn’t be right – to come all this way and not join the party.


Leave the lights on - we might be late home!

Leave the lights on – we might be late home!

Getting down to business at WPA Bangkok

Screenshot 2016-04-01 10.32.26WPA’s 6th AGM Conference took place in early March at the fabulous Landmark Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. The team from CCL Prime was there in some considerable style, embracing the business and social networking opportunities, and making and renewing links with friends and business associates.

At typically around 250-300 delegates, WPA events allow you to meet and connect with almost everyone – and this meeting was no exception. It proved a great place to cement business relationships as we met up with many fellow WPA networkers from previous events.

We shared a collection of photos as the event unfolded, on Twitter. But in case you missed our Tweets, here are just a few highlights.

Screenshot 2016-04-01 10.14.20

That’s Jason, hard at work during one of the one-to-one meeting sessions


Just to prove it wasn't a flash-in-the-pan, here he is again

Just to prove it wasn’t a flash-in-the-pan, here he is again



A good time to reconnect with some familiar faces

A great time to reconnect with some familiar – and friendly – faces


And let's not forget the liquid refreshments!

And let’s not forget the joy of liquid refreshments!


Our final night in Bangkok, and we're spending it with good friends from Spain, India and Turkey

Our final night in Bangkok had a global flavour – it was great to bring together our friends from Spain, India and Turkey


Super-heroes, one and all!

And… we’re off to the next event. Super-heroes, one and all!

CCL Prime is at WCA Abu Dhabi too


The world tour continues…

WCA’s 8th Worldwide Conference is taking place from 12th to 16th March 2016, at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibitions Company, Abu Dhabi, UAE. It’s the world’s largest freight forwarding event and the team at CCL Prime is delighted to confirm, we’ve hotfooted it from the Far East, and we’ll be at WCA Abu Dhabi all week.

We love a bit of global networking and there’s no substitute for getting face-to-face with our friends and associates – and people we’ve never met before – at big events.  We work hard, but we play hard too, making sure that we use every one of the many and varied opportunities at events like this, to meet and talk, both business and social, so we can build good relationships and strong global alliances. 

If you’re there, please introduce yourself to the CCL Prime team and let’s build quality global business together.Don’t forget you can also follow our updates and check out our snapshots from the event on the @CCLPRIMEUK Twitter feed and on @JasonHickeyBiz.